Trailer Reveal: Do More, Worry Less: Leaving Triscuit by Will Pollock


Leaving Triscuit by Will Pollock


We’ve all been there: leaving your pet for extended periods can be very difficult and downright heartbreaking for you and your pet.

But it doesn’t have to be!


This feisty, resilient, smart-as-a-whip Rat Terrier will help you relieve travel stress by using compassionate-communication techniques as outlined by four animal-communication experts.

From chapters like “When Zippers Fly” to “Away Game” and “Reunited,” you’ll have checklists and other techniques on how animals and humans can communicate, even from far away.
Freelance writer and author Will Pollock and his best friend, Triscuit, share their personal story on how they transformed what used to be a stressful situation to a much easier, routine exercise.
Worry less. Do more. Buy Leaving Triscuit¬†and you’ll forever transmute your departures in to a stress-free effort!


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